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The Best Artificial Turf Solutions In Orlando

Are you an Orlando homeowner or business owner that’s just tired of having to mow your lawn every single weekend to keep in check? Tired of patches dying because of the Florida rain and having to replace them? Those worries can finally become a thing of the past with artificial grass in Orlando. Chances are you’ve already searched for “artificial grass near me” and discovered endless options to go with. While there’s plenty of other companies that may offer artificial grass in Orlando for your home or business, none can hold themselves to the same standard as Gator Turf. We’re proud to announce that we’re expanding from our Tampa and Boca Raton locations into the Orlando area to bring our top quality artificial grass products to you! 

Gator Turf Separates Itself From The Competition

While there are synthetic turf companies in Orlando, Gator Turf stands well above the competition. From the moment you call to the very second we finish our installation, our team ensures a smooth and simple process guaranteed to make your life easier. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of artificial grass for your backyard or are overwhelmed at how many choices there are to go with, we help you through each and every step. It can be scary replacing your entire yard with artificial grass, which is exactly why our team walks you through every single step. We’ll explain each process, the benefits of every type of grass, and take all the necessary actions to make sure our installation goes flawlessly.  

Several Options To Choose From

Other artificial grass installers and providers in Orlando tend to either have their one option or a limited selection. Here at Gator Turf’s Orlando location, we’re proud to offer the full range of Gator Turf solutions. Perfect for residential, commercial, parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and more, we’re able to help you find the right solution for the right application. Our artificial grass experts know what works best for whatever application you may need it for. Aside from our artificial grass, we also offer a line of artificial turf hedge mats to further beautify your space. 

Little To No Maintenance, Little To No Stress!

One of the pains of lawn management is having to actually manage it constantly. Too much water and the grass dies, too little and it dies too. If left unchecked, your perfectly manicured lawn gets turned into a jungle, forcing you to spend countless hours in the hot Florida sun mowing away. With artificial grass in Orlando, all of that trouble goes out the window. Gator Turf’s artificial grass is extremely low maintenance, simply requiring it to be washed down every once in a while to remove any debris. In several cases we’ve seen low impact artificial turf lawns and fields last upwards of 10 years if washed properly before needing some replacements. 

If you’ve been looking for artificial grass in Orlando, look no further than Gator Turf. We’re excited to be your source for any and all synthetic lawn needs. To learn more about any of our products, simply contact us online or give us a call at (407) 472-9777!