Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guide

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guide

One of the greatest perks of having synthetic turf is that it doesn’t require the tedious maintenance that’s often needed for real grass. However, this doesn’t mean that maintenance isn’t required whatsoever for your synthetic turf. You’ll still have to care for it properly to ensure it maintains its appeal as well as overall quality. Don’t worry, though. You’ll find that you don’t need to do much to properly care for your synthetic turf. In fact, you only need to follow the simple guide below.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Guide

How Often Should I Tend to it?

Synthetic turf requires very low maintenance compared to natural grass. Real grass requires mowing, chemical treatments, occasional weeding, etc., whereas synthetic turf doesn’t require such care.

Natural Grass usually requires weekly care, but with synthetic turf, you only really need to tend to it about once every three months. If you have children and/or pets, you’ll need to care for it more so, but even once a month is optimal.

Remove Pet Waste Immediately

If you have any pets, it’s vital that you remove waste that’s dropped on your synthetic turf immediately to avoid any bacterial development. Any pet waste, even dirt and debris, can collect on the turf blades, making them unappealing and grimy. With pet waste, especially, the stench and sight of it are enough for any homeowner to clean it up right away. Urine can also be an issue for synthetic turf, which is why you should hose your synthetic turf occasionally.

Brush and Rinse Regularly

One thing you’ll need to do to ensure your synthetic turf maintains its overall beauty and strength is to brush and rinse it regularly. When you brush or rake your synthetic turf, you’ll be able to keep the blades upright. The blades of synthetic turf can bend or warp over time, but by brushing/raking them, you’ll be able to keep them perky and natural-looking. Likewise, by rinsing the blades, your synthetic turf will be rid of any dirt and/or debris that loosens the stiffness of the blades.

Now That You Know About The Maintenance Benefits of Synthetic Turf, Call Gator Turf Today!

Regardless of the maintenance that’s needed for synthetic turf, everyone will agree that it’s the better alternative to real grass. When you’re interested in getting synthetic turf installed on your property, don’t hesitate at all in contacting the professionals over at Gator Turf today. Gator Turf is highly regarded by numerous patrons of the South Florida region for its expertise in synthetic turf installation and they can promise that your property’s newest addition will prove to be a very worthwhile investment. For any inquiries, you may call us at 954-510-8873 or visit our contact page.