Artificial Turf

No More Dead and Brown Patches With Artificial Turf

No More Dead and Brown Patches With Artificial Turf

With the significant heat and sun that is found in Florida, dead and brown patches are a common sight on natural residential lawns. It’s an issue that can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in upkeep and water bills trying to bring it back to life. There is a solution to this problem however and that’s to get rid of it! To be more specific, replace your natural grass with artificial grass that looks great no matter what the weather is like.

First, let’s see why your grass could be turning brown and yellow.

Why Your Grass Turns Brown or Yellow

The first, and most common, the reason for grass turning yellow or brown is due to a lack of water supply. Just like any other foliage, grass needs water in order to live and without it, grass will begin to turn yellow and eventually brown. This is especially true when the state of Florida faces drought and water and rainfall are scarce. 

Grass will also begin to wilt when it is in direct sunlight for most of the day. This can be seen in areas of your lawn that see shade versus other areas that don’t. Chances are the areas of your lawn that have little to no shade are going to see more yellow and brown patches. 

There is also the issue of overwatering. If your lawn gets more water than it needs, the grass will essentially drown and end up dying. 

The final reason for your grass turning yellow or brown is due to your pets using it as a bathroom. If your lawn doesn’t see regular rainfall or some other way of cleaning it out, the large amount of urine and feces can begin to kill the grass. 

Enjoy Green Grass with an Artificial Turf Lawn

There are a number of reasons why your lawn could be turning brown and trying to figure out the exact reason can be a headache in itself. Living in South Florida, it can seem impossible to keep your lawn looking healthy and green at all times. 

That is why Gator Turf has a solution for you, your pets, and your lawn! Artificial Turf is the best way to have a lawn that looks great all year round and that you don’t ever need to worry about. No longer do you need to think or worry about mowing, reseeding, or pest control ever again. 

Artificial lawns are also perfectly safe for dogs and other pets that use the lawn on a daily basis. 

Besides just being a lawn that stays green all year round, you can also expect:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable 
  • Long-lasting (Up to 20 years!)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for both kids and pets
  • UV resistant
  • Weather-resistant

In short, artificial turf is a homeowner’s best friend that guarantees a green lawn during the whole year that you don’t have to ever maintain or worry about.

Get Artificial Turf For Your Lawn

If you’re tired of battling dead and yellow patches on your lawn, Gator Turf is here to provide you with the artificial turf solution you have been looking for. Visit our contact page if you’re done spending extra money making sure your lawn looks good.