Turf or artificial grass is made of fibers and rubber which look like natural grass. After installation, it will remain the same with almost no maintenance required.

Artificial grass or turf is used for residential lawn replacement for convenience or commercial property durability. It can appear natural to improve the look of an environment without the drawbacks or limitations of natural grass.

While artificial grass does not produce oxygen and retains heat, it conserves on water and reduces pollution from lawn mowers.

Artificial grass will feel slightly more harsh than natural grass to those who fall on its surface, but turf is still much better than a hard ground and is becoming better as technologies advance.

The initial cost of installing turf can be costly, but it does save on the cost of hiring workers or time spent maintaining it. Turf will need to be replaced after about 8-10 years, but the reliability and time saved after its installation is priceless.

As well as lawn replacement, hedge mats, ivy walls, and golfing surfaces are available to form many different green landscapes. There are many options for colors ranging from ficus to white lavender and cypress.

Some developments will have strict regulations for their homeowners. While synthetic grass looks great and should not detract from other homes nearby, it would be useful to check with your community to see if it is acceptable.

1 to 3 days are required for installation depending on the size of the project.

The prices can range from $8 to 25$ per square foot, but afterwards require no extra costs.

Raking and rinsing with a hose will make the grass look new if it lawnmowers down and dirty, but otherwise it does not.