Have your sports fields been falling in quality? Are your sports fields requiring more and more repairs? Gator Turf can help make sure you never have another field repair bill again. Gator Turf provides full-service artificial turf for sports fields in Greenacres. We provide the design, consulting, and construction of artificial turf. We specialize in artificial and synthetic turf systems for collegiate, high school, grade school, and community athletic fields in addition to other recreational turfs for sports fields. 

Being in the South Florida area, you most likely know all about the random storms that can roll in. Even a moderate amount of rain can transform natural grass fields into muddy, slippery messes. Once a field like this is wet, playing on it further can result in bad damages to the field and injuries to people using it. This can cause the field to be shut off for some time so it can be repaired and maintained. Artificial turf for sports fields in Greenacres can change that. Playing on artificial turf means keeping its look and feel, no matter if it’s rain or shine.

Gator Turf is Here to Help

Gator Turf wants to help make your sports field the best it can be. Here are just a few examples of where you can use artificial turf:

  • Baseball fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Football and soccer fields
  • Indoor gyms and sports areas
  • Lawn bowling courts
  • Recreational centers
  • And More!

We can help install artificial turf for sports fields in Greenacres, no matter where you need it. 

Advantages of Artificial Turf for Sports Fields in GreenacresArtificial Turf for Sport Fields

Compared to natural grass fields, artificial turf come with a number of advantages. Artificial turf sports fields can be used for a number of different sports and events. You can expect these fields to endure multiple games and practices and not experience any damages or blemishes. A natural grass field requires downtime to reset and recover before the next game can be played. This can interfere with tournaments or scheduled practices, meaning you could lose potential income from the field. Fields that see heavy usage or a high concentration of games will see heavy advantages from artificial turf. Once a team or practice finishes, it doesn’t need to be repaired or patched up. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance Costs

With a natural grass field, the costs for repairs and maintenance will begin to stack up more frequently than what you would see with artificial turf. Natural grass requires much more care and attention since it needs regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding, and pest control. This can add up to thousands of dollars worth of maintenance and materials. Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance and will always look good all year round. 

The Gator Turf Difference

Gator Turf uses a polyethylene fiber mix that produces much less friction between a person’s skin and the playing surface compared to natural grass and older synthetic turf. This can greatly reduce the chance of abrasions and other friction-based injuries. The consistency of the surface also eliminates rocks and other debris as well as dirt patches. Artificial turf for sports fields in Greenacres will make for a much better sports experience. 

Get Artificial Turf for Your Sports Field Today!

Artificial turf for sports fields in Greenacres will change the way people play. If you’re still using natural grass, it’s time to make the switch today. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have, providing a quote, or anything else we can help with. Simply contact us online or give us a call at (954) 510-8873 to get started!