Artificial Turf in Play Areas

4 Benefits of Artificial Turf in Play Areas

Kids love running around and playing outside. It’s something that’s not only physically healthy but also great for social skill development. Pediatricians recommend that kids should get at least 3 hours of outdoor playtime a day

Are you currently in Florida looking to build or upgrade a play area for children? You should create an area that is easy to maintain and provides great safety for the kids playing on it. Kids can get a little crazy when playing with each other, so it’s best to have something that will help minimize any possible injuries. 

Choosing a safe and easy-to-maintain material such as artificial turf for play areas can help prevent injuries and much more. Here are 4 benefits of having artificial turf in play areas.

Safer Than Other Play Area Materials

Each year, more than 200,000 kids below the age of 14 are sent to the emergency room due to injuries caused in play areas. The CDC claims that 1 out of 10 children will suffer a brain injury. 

Natural grass is hard and will not absorb the shock of a falling child. Artificial turf however is soft and can greatly lessen the impact of a fall. 

Wood chips and mulch have sharp, hard edges that can increase the risk of injury due to possible cuts and stabs. Artificial grass is soft and doesn’t have any rough blades that could cut skin. 

Rubber or shredded tires can get very hot in direct sunlight which makes burns and other injuries much more likely. Artificial turf meets ATSM safety requirements while retaining a low temperature as natural grass does. It’s also a great surface for everyone to play on. 

Fewer Allergens

Many children suffer from seasonal and outdoor allergies. If you suffer from allergies, you know how annoying and uncomfortable they can be. 

Natural grass is filled with different allergens that can irritate skin and produce bad allergic reactions. Having artificial turf in play areas greatly reduces, sometimes completely removing, the chance of allergic reactions occurring. 

Weather Resistant and Durability

Outdoor play areas are exposed to everything mother nature throws at it, including rain, wind, sun, snow, and many other natural occurrences. Natural grass will require proper drainage when it’s raining and watering when it’s dry.

Rubber and sand are also options, but rubber will still crack and sand will become muddy and not drain as well.

Synthetic grass can withstand any weather conditions while maintaining its usually bright green color. You’ll never have to worry about potential mud buildup either thanks to exceptional drainage. That means kids can play as soon as the rain stops!


When kids go out to play, they usually come back dirty and covered in mud and dirt. Even rubber and sand can leave your kids dirty. Some parents will even worry about their kids eating the rubber, dirt, and grass!

Artificial turf in play areas erases these common issues. No real grass means no grass stains and no puddles means no muddy clothes or soaking wet shoes. 

Get Artificial Turf in Your Play Areas!

Having artificial grass in your play areas will make a world of difference. No more having to deal with dirty muddy clothes or bad cuts and injuries. This is the perfect play area material. Contact us today if you have any questions.